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You’ll agree with us when we say that even though Guppies aren’t known to be fussy eaters, buying food for them can be quite a challenge. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Just with a little observation and tactful research, you can get your Guppies eating healthy in no time. 

In today’s post, we’re going to be reviewing the best food for Guppies in order for you to determine which one is the most suitable for you.

Top Pick

These small pellets are great for Guppies of all ages. If you have fish that have trouble noticing food dropped in the tank, give these multi-colored pellets a shot.

Runner Up

If you have small fish fry, you might want to invest in this product. It’s nutritious formula promotes growth and is specifically designed for small fish. It's also affordable.

Also Great

This product is a great choice for bringing out the colors of your fish and really accentuating them. You’ll notice excitement in your fish and enhanced vibrancy.


Our Guppies were treated to some of the best food for Guppies out there and they’ve managed to come to a decision for us: these three products are by far the best ones available.

Now, let’s get into the reviews for the best food for Guppies.

Best Food For Guppies – Top 5 Reviews

1. All-Around Best Food For Guppies - Hikari Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food Review

Coming in a 1.58 oz bag, Hikari Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food was a product we were excited to test as it promised that even the pickiest of Guppies would love it. 

We dropped this into the water and all of our Guppies went wild. They particularly fought over the red-colored pellets. 

These pellets float in the water which makes them perfect for top-feeders. If you have small fish fry that can’t feed at the surface, you can hold these pellets down into the water for a few seconds and they will sink. 

They are very small in size and even the smallest of fish can easily eat them whole. 

Features of Hikari Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food

  1. 1.58 oz bag
  2. Multi-colored pellets for increased visibility
  3. Almond-free
  4. Suitable for all ages
  5. Focus on maximum acceptance
  • Float on top of the water
  • Do not cloud the water
  • Great for picky eaters
  • Small in size for easy ingestion
  • Soft in texture for easy digestion
  • Expensive

If you have fish that are picky eaters, you can’t go wrong with this product. Their balanced formula and soft texture makes them perfect for Guppies at all life stages. 

2. Best Baby Food For Guppies - NewLife International Spectrum Small Fry Starter Formula Review

NewLife International Spectrum Small Fry Starter Formula is a product that promises to provide a high-energy diet that’s high in protein in an easily digestible formula that is suitable for small fish fry. 

Our young Guppies had no problem ingesting this food and they seemed quite happy with it. Within weeks of starting their diet on this product, we noticed heightened activity and rapid growth.

It sinks because it’s intended for growing Guppies who don’t feed at the surface. Owing to its sinking properties, we did feel that it would disintegrate and cloud our fish tank. Thankfully, we were proven wrong. The micro particles held their shape for the longest time as they were eaten by our wee little Guppies.

Features of Best Food for Guppies

  1. 1.76 oz jar
  2. Sinking fish food
  3. High protein content
  4. Suitable for freshwater fish fry
  5. Abalone-free
  • Sinking food; perfect for young Guppies
  • Does not disintegrate into the water
  • Promotes growth and vitality
  • Small in size for easy eating
  • Produce less waste
  • Can cloud the water if used improperly

If you have youngling Guppies that you want to grow quickly, this is the product you’re looking for. These microparticles are easy to eat and will have your fish growing in no time. 

3. Best Color-Boosting Food For Guppies - Omega One Super Color Flakes Review

Omega One Super Color Flakes promise superior color vibrancy in your Guppies and indeed, we noticed our Guppies shimmering like never before just a few days after starting their diet on this product. 

We also had to clean our fish tank much less frequently while our Guppies were on this product’s diet. This is owed to the fact that not only does the product not contain artificial dyes that can leak into the water, it also has a low starch content which means our Guppies were producing much less waste than they normally would. 

The reduced nitrate and ammonia levels in our aquarium meant our fish were thriving. The adult Guppies were swimming around, excited and the smaller Guppies were growing at an impeccable rate. 

Features of Omega One Super Color Flakes

  1. 5.3 oz container
  2. High in protein
  3. Low starch content
  4. Contains fiber
  5. Suitable for all life stages
  • Float on top of the water
  • Do not cloud the water
  • Produce less waste
  • Prevent constipation
  • Contain natural color-enhancers
  • Strong, bad smell

If you want excellent shimmering colors in your Guppies, this product is ideal for you. Not only will it help your fish grow and thrive, it will make them look great and bright.

4. Best Food For Guppies For Breeding - Hikari Usa Tropical Fancy Guppy For Pet Health Review

We’re happy to tell you that this was a product that was able to cure two of our Guppies who were suffering from white spots. They’d been rubbing themselves against the sides of the aquarium and were refusing to eat almost anything. They ran towards this food and ate it as soon as it was dropped into the water. 

Within 3 days of starting their diet on this food, we started noticing the white spots disappearing. Within a week, our Guppies were healthy again. Hikari claims that this food product promotes growth, breeding habits and resistance to diseases. You can test it out for yourself but we definitely believe them when they say that.

Features of Hikari Usa Tropical Fancy Guppy For Pet Health

  1. 0.77 oz packet
  2. Suitable for all sizes of fish
  3. Naturally insoluble in water
  4. High in fats 
  5. Contains no artificial preservatives or dyes
  • Floats on top of the water
  • Does not cloud the water
  • Works with automatic fish feeders
  • Small in size and easy to eat
  • Promotes breeding in female Guppies
  • Boosts immune system
  • Runs out too quickly

If you want healthy fish and want to make them ready for breeding, this is perfect for you. Their focus on vitamins makes them great for your Guppies’ immune systems and their growth.  

5. Best Food For Guppies For Clear Water - API Fish Food Flakes Review

Normally, fish food products that advertise the fact that they make fish produce less waste achieve this by having a low amount of starch in the food. This makes your fish produce a lower amount of waste and thus, your tank remains clean for a longer time.

API Fish Food Flakes go for a different approach; what they’ve done is that they’ve made their formula in such a way that the fish are able to utilize most of the food product and so, the waste produced is very low. 

The water in our fish tank remained pristine for a very long time while our fish were on their diet of this product.  

Features of API Fish Food Flakes

  1. 5.7 oz container
  2. Complete, daily diet
  3. Suitable for adult Guppies
  4. Includes a high amount of amino acids
  5. Made from Whole Menhaden Fish Meal
  • Float on top of the water
  • Do not cloud the water
  • Produce less waste
  • Promote color enhancement
  • Suitable for Guppies in community tanks
  • Contain filler ingredients such as wheat
  • Not suitable for smaller fish

If you don’t have time to regularly clean your aquarium, you might want to invest in this product. Your water will remain crystal clear for a long time with low ammonia levels for a stress-free environment for your Guppies.

best food for guppies

Buyers’ Guide


What are the different types of food For Guppies?

Some of the widely available types of Guppy food are:

  • Flakes

Flakes are, by far, the most common Guppy food found on the market. They are soft in texture and float on top of the water which makes them easy to eat for top-feeding Guppies. Their soft texture makes it easy for Guppies to swallow them whole and digest them well. 

  • Veggie Pellets

Veggie pellets are often made from ingredients such as algae, seaweed and kelp. They are high in vitamins, calcium and iron. It’s a good idea to include veggie pellets into the diet of your Guppies as they can boost their immune system and make them resistant to all sorts of diseases.

  • Freeze-dried brine shrimp

Brine shrimp are a great source of protein for Guppies and can stimulate growth and vitality. Just be sure to use them as a treat and not as the main staple diet. They are high in protein but contain a low amount of other important ingredients and this can lead to lethargy and disease in your fish such as swim-bladder disease.

  • Freeze-dried blood worms

Blood worms are basically fly larvae and just like brine shrimp, they are a great source of protein. They’re freeze-dried so they stay fresh. They are a staple snack for Betta fish but Guppies love them equally as much. As soon as they are dropped into the water, they get hydrated and juicy for your Guppies to snack on. Just like brine shrimp, these cannot be used as a staple diet but can work as a great treat for your Guppy fish.

What does a Guppy’s diet look like?

Guppies’ diet consists of a mix of both meaty and plant-based foods. In the wild, they feed on food such as brine shrimp, invertebrates, aquatic insect larvae and diatoms as well as seaweed, kelp and algae.

What are some things to avoid when buying food For Guppies? 

The most important thing to avoid when buying food for your Guppies is filler ingredients. Make sure to read the ingredient list on the food product you’re buying and see that it does not contain filler ingredients such as wheat gluten, wheat flour, soy, etc. Ingredients like these provide little to no nutritional value to your Guppies and are often present in fish food because they are a cheap substitute to actual nutritional ingredients such as whole fish meal and shrimp meal.

When buying food for Guppies that advertises the fact that it floats, make sure that the food is soft and has an easy-to-digest formula. Often, fish food that floats is made hard and that can be difficult for Guppies to digest. You need to avoid these hard food products at all costs as they can result in constipation or other digestion problems in your fish. 

Also look out for food products that aren’t naturally insoluble. If you have fish food that dissolves in water, it will tend to make your fish tank cloudy and murky. 

What can I feed my Guppies when I’m out of Guppy food?

You can feed common household vegetables to your Guppies. They are a great source of nutrition and Guppies love them. 

Vegetables such as broccoli, Zucchini, Peas, Green beans, Carrots and Spinach are all great for Guppies. Just boil them or blanch them, drop them into your aquarium and watch your Guppies fight over them. 

What are some things I should do to keep my Guppies healthy?

Here are some basic steps that you can perform to keep your Guppies healthy: 

  • Perform partial or complete water changes regularly. 
  • Immediately remove any dead fish in your aquarium 
  • If a Guppy gets sick, remove it from your main tank and put it in a rehabilitation tank until it gets better. 
  • If you get a new Guppy, put it in a quarantine tank for 3-4 weeks before putting it in your main tank. 

What’s a good feeding schedule for Guppy fry fish?

Guppy fry will accept any food that you would normally give to adult Guppies however, they require food multiple times during the day and you have to adhere to a strict feeding schedule if you want rapid growth. We’ve come up with a schedule of our own that has worked quite well for us. The schedule is: 

5 AM – Turn aquarium lights on 

6 AM – Feed them freeze-dried brine shrimp 

7 AM – Feed them flake food or whatever staple diet you have 

2 PM – Live daphnia or boiled vegetables 

5 PM – Flake food before sleep 

6 PM – Turn aquarium lights off 

A very underrated way to stimulate growth in your Guppy fry are lights. Keeping the lights on in your aquarium for more than 12 hours a day can your Guppy fry grow at a very quick rate.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How big can my Guppy fish grow?

The size of your Guppies depends a lot on whether they are male or female. Generally, Guppies grow to about 1 – 2 inches. Males are usually smaller than females coming in at an average size of about 1 and a half inches whereas females can grow up to 2 inches.

How long is the average Guppy fish’s lifespan?

This depends on a lot of factors such as water quality, stress levels, diet, etc. Most Guppies live between 1 and 3 years but if you take good care of them and their diet, some Guppies can live up to 5 years.

What can I feed my Guppy?

Guppies are omnivores and can eat just about all sorts of fish food. You can feed them both meaty and plant-based fish food. Just make sure they’re getting all the correct nutrients so they don’t develop any diseases and their growth isn’t hindered. 

How often should I feed my Guppy?

Smaller, growing Guppies require much more food than adult Guppies. We’ve made a feeding schedule for growing Guppies above.

As for adult Guppies, you can feed them 1-2 times a day. They can even survive without a day of food but we suggest you don’t do this unless you have no choice. 

As for how much you feed them in one feeding session, you can judge that by the amount of food your Guppies consume within 5 minutes. This should be the standard amount that you feed your Guppies in one feeding session.

How long can Guppies survive without food?

Adult Guppies can survive up to 2 weeks without food. Smaller Guppy fry are more sensitive but even they can survive up to a week without eating.

Can Guppies eat Goldfish food?

This is a common question as a lot of people have both Guppies and Goldfish and they often don’t want to invest in both types of food for their fish. 

While most of the diet of both types of fish is similar, it would not be as healthy for your Guppies to eat Goldfish food and they wouldn’t be able to thrive as much as they would if they were given properly catered Guppy food. 

For example, Goldfish food does not have high enough protein content for it to be suitable for Guppies. 

In conclusion, you can feed your Guppies Goldfish food for a short amount of time but in the long run, this would not do your Guppies any favors and we recommend that you get food that is specifically made for Guppies.

What do Guppies eat besides fish food?

Guppies can eat plants. They are very partial to eating algae and you will often see them munching on the algae in your fish tank. If you hard-boil an egg yolk and drop into the tank, that’s something that they love as well and it would be an amazing source of protein for them. Mosquito larvae, shellfish and fish meat is also something that you can drop into the tank and watch your Guppies enjoy. 

Where do I get Guppy food? 

You can get Guppy food from your local pet store where it’s less confusing and you can get recommendations suited to your needs. 

Or as an alternative, you can get them online in which case, you’ll have a lot more options and won’t be limited by whatever your local pet store has in stock.

I’m going on a vacation, how can my Guppies be fed? 

As we mentioned earlier, Guppies can survive up to 2 weeks without food. However, if you’re going out on a vacation for longer than that, we suggest you invest in an automatic fish feeder. Another option can be to ask a friend or family member to look after your Guppies.

My Guppy fish looks bloated, what can I feed it to bring it back to normal?

Nothing at all. If your Guppy is bloated, that means you’ve overfed it. A day or two of fasting is the best solution to this and will help clean your Guppy’s digestive system and bring it back to normal.

Final Verdict

Guppies have a reputation for being easy to take care of. This makes them a very popular fish among beginners. A lot of cheap companies try to take advantage of this fact by selling food with cheap ingredients to these unsuspecting fish owners.

At the end of all our testing, we decided to go with Hikari Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food. Their bright colors make sure your Guppies don’t miss them and their focus on acceptance and growth make them perfect for your Guppies’ health. 

This brings us to the conclusion of our post on the best food for Guppies. 

Let us know what you’re treating your Guppies to.

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