Best Betta Aquarium – Top 5 Reviews, Guide, Tests & FAQs & More

Bettas are often the first thing people get when they take up fishkeeping as a hobby but we can all agree that finding a Betta aquarium that fulfills the needs of a Betta can be difficult. 

Keeping this in mind, we’ve scoured the market to find the best Betta aquariums available out there. 

In today’s post, we’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of these Betta aquariums and discuss in detail, what a Betta requires from an aquarium. 

Top Pick

This little aquarium kit is all you need to get started with your little Betta. It’s economical and provides a healthy living environment for your fish.

Runner Up

This unique-looking aquarium is sure to be a great conversation-starter. It’s built with high-quality materials to keep your Betta happy.

Also Great

If you have children, this can be a great opportunity to educate them about the ecosystem. It’s designed to be easy to maintain and nice to look at.

After making our Bettas live in all kinds of different homes, we can definitively say that these three are the best Betta aquariums out there. 

Now, let’s get into the reviews for the top 5 Best Betta Aquariums.

Best Betta Aquarium - Best 5 Reviews

1. All-Around Best Betta Aquarium - Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit Review

The Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit is the perfect product you can get to start your Betta fish-keeping journey. It’s built to accommodate up to two small Bettas. 

If you know anything about Bettas, you’ll know that they are aggressive fish that often pick fights with each other. That’s why this aquarium comes with a divider which you can place to keep your two Bettas separate from each other. 

The divider is easily removable in case you want to keep just one Betta in your aquarium and want it to have more room to swim around. 

Features of Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit – Best Betta Aquarium

  1. 0.5 gallons in size
  2. Convenient feeding hole
  3. Comes with a divider
  4. Comes with decorative plant, gravel and food samples
  5. Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Inexpensive
  • Small in size
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to feed fish
  • Lightweight
  • Plastic walls may wither over time

If you’re looking for an affordable product that doesn’t take up too much space, this is the product for you. The lid protects your fish from any other pets you may have and the feeding hole makes for simple feeding.

2. Best Stylish Betta Aquarium - Umbra FishHotel Fishbowl Review

The Umbra FishHotel Fishbowl is one of the coolest-looking products we have ever reviewed. They’re shaped to look like a hotel room or apartment. It’s sure to provide a great aesthetic to your room and furthermore, the outer walls can be painted to match the color palette of your room. 

What makes them even more fun is that you can buy several of them and stack them on top of each other to give the bowls an apartment complex-type appearance. 

Setting aesthetics aside, the bowl itself is sturdily built and is sure to provide a great living experience for your Betta.

Features of Umbra FishHotel Fishbowl

  1. 1.8 gallons in size
  2. Suitable for small fish
  3. Weight: 3.31 pounds
  4. Dimensions: 7.5 by 7.5 by inches
  5. Stackable on top of each other
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Small, compact design
  • Works great as a starter fish tank
  • Great aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Slightly expensive for its size

If you want your fish living in a sleek and stylish aquarium, this is the product you’re looking for. It combines aesthetics with effective design to give your Betta a healthy living environment.

3. Best Aquaponic Betta Aquarium - Penn Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank Review

Penn Plax’s products have yet to disappoint us and this product is no exception. It’s beautifully designed to help the plant and Betta sustain each other. The plant purifies the tank water by sucking the fish waste from the water to use it as fertilizer. 

It can work great as a beautiful center-piece for your room and if you have children, it can be very educational. You can use it as a practical example for how an ecosystem works and how different beings depend on each other.

Features of Penn Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

  1. Comes in two sizes: 0.5 gallons and 1.4 gallons
  2. Weight: 1.2 pounds
  3. Dimensions: 3 by 3 by 8.6 inches
  4. Strong plastic plant holder
  5. Comes with ceramic planting media
  • Very educational for children
  • Affordable
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Small in size
  • Easy to clean
  • May be too small for some Bettas

If you’re looking for a product with a unique aesthetic, this product is ideal for you. Its elegant design will give your room a natural look and it’s very easy to maintain.

4. Best Acrylic Betta Aquarium - Halo 15 Aquarium with MCR Light Review

This attractive aquarium is specifically designed so you can have an unobstructed view of your fish. It’s circular shape makes for 360-degree viewing and it’s built-in lighting is super effective at bringing out the brilliant colors of your Betta. 

The lid has a magnetic catch so it remains securely sealed but it is also easily removable when you want so that you can feed your fish.

The 5-stage filtration process it advertises includes the standard chemical, biological and mechanical filtration along with water stabilization and oxygenation.

It achieves this oxygenation through the air pump it comes with. The air pump is powerful but not too strong to the point where it could disturb your Betta. 

Features of Halo 15 Aquarium with MCR Light 

  1. Comes in three sizes: 4 gallons, 8 gallons and 16 gallons
  2. 5 stage filtration process
  3. Low voltage transformer
  4. Built-in LED lighting
  5. Made of acrylic
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to clean
  • Effective lighting
  • Expensive

If you want a clean and well-oxygenated aquarium that you don’t have to take too much care of, this is the product for you’re looking for. It uses very little power and provides a great view of your fish.

5. Best Betta Aquarium for Multiple Bettas - Aqueon Betta Falls Kit Review

Fish-keepers are often told not to keep Bettas in the same tank. Since most people can only afford one tank, this often means you’re left having only one Betta to care for. But what if you want to have more? This product enables you to fulfill that wish and it does it brilliantly with its ingenious design.

The three separate compartments that it has, have frosted panels so the Bettas don’t even catch a glimpse of each other. This is to enable them to feel relaxed as the sight of another Betta can bring out aggressive tendencies.

Features of Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

  1. 2 gallons in size
  2. Weight: 1.98 pounds
  3. Waterfall feature for oxygenation
  4. Compact, curved design
  5. Comes with a filter
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Filter is effective and quiet
  • Waterfall keeps the tank well-aerated
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to set up
  • Air pump needs to be turned off every time during feeding

If you want to have more than one Betta but don’t understand how to keep them separate without buying a whole bunch of tanks, this is the product for you. It’s elegantly designed and works consistently to keep your Bettas healthy.

best betta aquarium

Buyers’ Guide

What are some things to look out for when buying a Betta aquarium? 

Bettas have particular needs so you may want to think about some things before buying an aquarium for your Betta. Some things to think about before buying a Betta aquarium are: 

  • Plants and Ornaments

It’s a good idea to get live aquarium plants for your Betta aquarium. Bettas like to explore, hide and rest within the lustrous leaves of aquatic plants so it can be quite beneficial for you to have them in your tank. 

Having decorative ornaments with many tunnels and in-and-outs can also be a great idea. It will keep your Betta entertained and also give it places to hide. 

  • Aquarium Filter

Bettas live in shallow water and one misconception that is a source of relief to most fish-keepers is that this will mean they won’t have to invest in a filter. We’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Since a single Betta lives in a relatively small aquarium, that aquarium will actually become dirty much quicker. It doesn’t matter if you only have a single Betta in your fish tank, that one Betta is still going to be producing and you need to have a filter in place so it can keep your water clean and liveable. 

  • Aquarium Heater

Bettas comes from the countries of Thailand and Cambodia where the weather is generally warm. Bettas require a water temperature of about 76 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s important that you invest in a heater for your Betta aquarium so that you can maintain the water temperature at the appropriate level.

  • Aesthetics and Lighting 

Bettas are very majestic fish and are known for their flowing fins and brilliant, bright colors. If you’re going to flaunt your Betta’s beauty, it’s important that you have them in an aquarium that’s equally beautiful with adequate lighting that is able to accentuate your Betta’s colors. 

How do I set up my Betta aquarium? 

A Betta aquarium is fairly standard when it comes to the setting up process. It does not require any special equipment or gadgets in order to do its job. Here’s a simple step-by-step process on how to set up a Betta aquarium: 

  • Start by identifying the location where you’re going to put your Betta aquarium and place it there. 
  • Pour tap water into a bucket and treat with a dechlorinating agent and a water conditioning agent. Chlorine is beneficial for us but toxic to fish. 
  • Add gravel to your aquarium. 
  • Add plants and ornaments to your aquarium. Bettas particularly love having plants in their aquariums so we recommend you definitely do this. Stick the roots of the plants within the gravel so they are securely placed within the tank. 
  • Mount all of your aquarium equipment. This includes the filter, heater, air pump and/or any other equipment you may have. 
  • Add the water to your Betta aquarium. 
  • Turn on all of your equipment. 
  • Let the equipment run for a few weeks in order for the nitrogen cycle to complete. 
  • Add your fish. 

What’s a good location for a Betta aquarium

A Betta is sensitive to temperature changes so the water temperature needs to be controlled by a heater. If your Betta aquarium is located in a room whose temperature constantly changes, it can cause problems for your heater in terms of trying to regulate the water temperature. Hence, it’s recommended you keep the aquarium in a room whose temperature remains fairly constant.

Also, make sure the location where it’s placed is not in contact with direct sunlight. Sunlight is not a factor you can control. Sometimes it will be too intense, other times it won’t be there at all. It’s better to keep it away from any windows and manage light through artificial means such as artificial lighting. Sunlight can also promote algae growth which is something you definitely don’t want inside your Betta aquarium. 

What are some specific needs of Bettas in terms of their aquarium?

Bettas do great in a tank that is able to accurately simulate their natural habitat. We’ve talked about how they require a heater to maintain water temperature and how they enjoy having plants and ornaments to play and hide in. 

Other than that, you also have to think about the strength of your tank filter. Bettas are not strong swimmers. They can easily be swept away by a strong current. Hence, you need to make sure that the filter you’re using for your Betta aquarium isn’t creating too strong of a current. If your filter is too strong, you could risk your Betta getting sucked up into your filter. This could be fatal for your fish.

Do Betta aquariums need to be cycled before adding the Betta fish?

Yes! Betta aquariums require to be cycled just like all other aquariums. We strongly suggest that you be patient and let your tank do its thing for a few weeks before adding your Betta. Those nitrifying bacteria are essential for biological filtration which will make for a habitable environment for your fish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bettas can I keep in my Betta aquarium?

Bettas are notorious for being very aggressive fish. Bettas are also called Siamese Fighting fish and if you put more than one Betta in the same tank, you’ll quickly find out why. 

It is possible to keep more than one female Betta in the same aquarium but we strongly recommend that you stick to only one Betta per aquarium. Never put more than one male Betta in the same tank as they will constantly fight each other, rip each other’s tails and ultimately, kill each other. 

Can I just use a bottle, bowl or vase to house my Betta?

Please never do this and if you’re already doing it, please stop. People often think that Bettas are found in rice paddies so they must have adapted to living in shallow, dirty water. This is not true, however. Rice paddies are shallow but they are wide and Bettas have a lot of room to swim around in them. And while, yes, Bettas can survive in dirty water, that is merely all they’re doing: surviving. They won’t be healthy, happy or growing. 

You are your pet’s caretaker and you owe it to them to give them a healthy environment in which they can be happy and thrive. Do not make your Betta live in a small, cramped space. Give them ample room to swim around with a working filtration system and a heater that is able to maintain an appropriate temperature.

How do I introduce a new Betta to my Betta aquarium? 

It’s advisable that you acclimate your Betta before adding it to your Betta aquarium. Whatever you do, never straight up add your Betta into your aquarium. This can shock the fish to the point where it will starve itself and die. 

To acclimate your Betta, let the plastic bag in which your Betta is packed float on top of the water of your aquarium until their temperatures become the same. Then, add some water from your aquarium into the plastic bag. This will help your Betta become familiar with the water chemistry of your aquarium. Do this 2-3 times. After that, place the plastic bag inside your aquarium, open it up and let your Betta swim out into its new home.

Should I get a Betta aquarium that has an air pump? 

It’s not absolutely necessary but if you can, an air pump is generally a good idea. It helps water circulation and keeps the tank well-aerated. Having a nicely oxygenated tank can do wonders for Betta health, boost their immunity and help prevent stress-related diseases. 

However, as we discussed earlier, Bettas aren’t good swimmers so make sure you get an air pump that isn’t too strong for them.

Is it okay to keep Bettas in a community aquarium?

You can definitely keep Bettas with other tropical fish who are non-aggressive. Bettas are known to be territorial fish, however. They could confuse smaller fish to be younger Bettas and start picking fights with them. 

Having a Betta in a community aquarium can be hard but it’s certainly not impossible. Try out different combinations to see what species your Betta likes the most. Some species that Bettas can be kept with are Neon and Ember Tetras, Cory Catfish, Kuhli Loaches and Guppies.

Final Verdict

Bettas are absolutely beautiful fish and it’s no wonder why so many people tend to gravitate towards having a Betta when they start out. They are sensitive fish and require an aquarium that will be able to provide them with all of their specific needs. 

In the end, we’ve given the crown to the Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit. It’s affordable, sturdy and very simple to set up. 

And with that, we’ve come to the end of our post for the best Betta aquariums. 

Let us know in the comments what aquarium you’re using to house your Betta.

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