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You’ll agree with us when we say that it’s not always easy to make time to feed your fish. That’s where automatic fish feeders come into the picture.

However, how does one decide which one to get with so many options out there? Luckily for you, we’ve tested the most popular ones out there and brought you this list.

In today’s post, we’ll help you figure out which automatic fish feeder is best for you based on your specific needs.

Top Pick

If you’re looking for daily use to feed your fish, this is for you. It’s durable and the built-in ventilation keeps the food fresh and dry.

Runner Up

If you hate running to the store to get batteries all the time, this is perfect for you. It can be powered through USB and perfectly feeds fish for days.

Also Great

If you have different kinds of fish that munch on different kinds of food, this is ideal for you. It lasts a long time and works with many different products.


We tested many different automatic fish feeders for months and found that these three are the best ones on the market.

Now, let’s get into the reviews for the 5 best automatic fish feeders.

Best Automatic Fish Feeder – Top 5 Reviews

1. All-Around Best Automatic Fish Feeder - Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit Review

Immediately after unpacking this product and holding it in our hands, we were instantly impressed by how durable it felt just in our hands. It has a weight to it and the material does not feel light or cheap.

We thought it might not be suitable for our large fish tank but we found it has different modes of mounting for different tank types and it mounted perfectly.

We were able to get the hang of programming it within a day or two and after that it was smooth-sailing.

The large storage unit can hold fish food up to 6 weeks and the built-in fan keeps the food dry and fresh.  

Features of Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

  1. LCD Programming for up to 8 feedings per day
  2. Battery-operated. 2 AA Batteries included.
  3. 2-stage low-battery indicator
  4. Splash-proof buttons
  5. Quiet fan
  • Works with different types of food
  • Built-in ventilation system and fan
  • Large food storage unit
  • Adjustable opening to moderate food amount
  • Manual discharge button if manual feeding required
  • Does not work with larger food such as wafers or large pellets

If you’re looking for the most hassle-free and flexible automatic fish feeder out there, this is your pick. It’s highly durable and works with many different kinds of fish food.

2. Best USB-Powered Automatic Fish Feeder - Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder Review

We were excited to test this one out as it offers an alternate power supply: USB. We mounted it on our fish tank and plugged it into a USB port and it started up immediately.

The product claims that it can work for 3-6 months on a single charge. While it wasn’t possible to test this claim, we have been using it on a single charge for the past two months and it hasn’t shown signs of stopping any time soon.

Features of Best Automatic Fish Feeder

  1. Can be programmed for up to 4 feedings per day
  2. Contains manual-discharge button for manual feeding
  3. Water-proof
  4. Comes with a Velcro adhesive
  5. Adjustable opening
  • Two options for power supply
  • Can feed up to 6 months on a single charge
  • Large food storage unit
  • Easy to program
  • Energy-efficient
  • Not suitable for smaller aquariums
  • No built-in fan

If you don’t like using batteries for your automatic fish feeder, this product was made for you. It can be charged through USB and lasts for a very long time once fully charged.

3. Best Moisture-Proof Automatic Fish Feeder - NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder Review

While testing many different automatic fish feeders out, we found that a lot of them made the stored fish food soggy and unusable.

So, we turned to the NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder which advertised a built-in moisture prevention system that would keep food dry and fresh for months.  

We filled the food storage unit with our fish food and it stayed fresh for as long as we tested the automatic fish feeder out which was for about two months.

The adjustable opening was a bonus for us as we have different types of fish that need different amounts of food. We were able to moderate the amount of food that was dispensed every time. It’s very intuitive and easy-to-use.

Features of NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

  1. Easy-to-read LCD Display
  2. Battery-operated. 2 AA Batteries included.
  3. Splash-proof
  4. Adjustable mount for different tank wall widths
  5. Up to 5 daily feeding times
  • “Off” button to pause the feeder
  • Ample food storage space
  • Built-in ventilation system and fan
  • Batteries last for 3-4 months
  • Works with many different types of fish food
  • Noisy fan

If you’re worried about your fish food going bad and clogging up your automatic fish feeder, this is ideal for you. It keeps your fish food fresh and ready-to-eat.

4. Best Budget Automatic Fish Feeder - Torlam Auto Fish Feeder Review

Torlam Automatic Fish Feeder is the cheapest one available in the market and even though it’s cheap, it does not skimp on the quality.

The buttons are splash-proof and the build is sturdy and durable. Like the Zarco Feeder, this can also be powered through USB as well as batteries.

It has three different ways to mount it onto your aquarium so you don’t have to worry about it not being suitable for your tank. We’re sure at least one of the three ways will work for your fish tank no matter what size it is.

Features of Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

  1. Three different ways to mount
  2. Works with USB or AA Batteries (not included)
  3. Two different-sized food storage units
  4. Moisture-proof design to prevent clogging
  5. Feeds up to 3 times a day
  • Two options for power supply
  • Flexible food storage units
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Works with all types of fish food
  • Works for saltwater and freshwater fish 
  • May be hard to program initially

If you’re on a budget and want to get the best possible automatic feeder your fish, this is the one for you. The different ways of mounting will guarantee it works with your tank and it’s water-proof.

5. Best Automatic Fish Feeder For Multiple Tanks – Wieppo Automatic Fish Feeder Review

If you have different tanks with different kinds of fish, the Wieppo Automatic Fish Feeder is your safest bet.

Coming with three different installation modes and flexible food storage boxes of varying capacities, this feeder is perfect for a variety of different kinds of fish tanks.

The feeder does not have a fan so it’s extremely quiet. There is however, a focus on moisture-resistance. The hopper faces away from the fish tank when dispensing food which helps keep the stored fish food dry and fresh.

Features of Wieppo Automatic Fish Feeder

  1. Feeds up to 3 times a day
  2. Three different ways to mount
  3. Different-sized food storage units
  4. Manual-discharge button for manual feeding
  5. USB and battery-operated
  • Two different power supply options
  • Different food storage options with ample space
  • Water-resistant hopper
  • Very quiet
  • Can be used with many different kinds of fish food
  • Can be used with many different kinds of tanks
  • May cause overfeeding for smaller fish

If you happen to have many different fishes residing in different kinds of tanks in your home, this is ideal for you. No matter what kind of tank you have, this will surely mount onto it and will dispense any kind of fish food you give it.

best automatic fish feeder


Buyers’ Guide


Why should I get an Automatic Fish Feeder?

A lot of people in today’s day and age are getting into fish-keeping however, a majority of them don’t realize that maintaining the health of your fish requires a daily feeding routine that needs to be strictly adhered to.

There’s a chance you could be forgetful and forget feeding your fish at a certain time but more likely is the case that you’re working a strenuous job that requires long hours and you may not be available at your home to provide your fish with nutrition every time. In this case, you might want to invest in an automatic fish feeder.

How does an Automatic Fish Feeder work?

You start by mounting the automatic fish feeder to a secure place on your fish tank. This can be done in several ways: some feeders come with an adjustable clamp, others come with a Velcro adhesive while some come with a funnel cap to be placed on top of the fish tank. The automatic fish feeder has chambers in which fish food is stored up and this food is dispensed into the fish tank at regularly-timed intervals in order to feed the fish. 

What are the different types of Automatic Fish Feeders?

There are certain factors that automatic fish feeders differ in which you could look into before getting them. These factors are:

  • Indoor Automatic Fish Feeders vs Outdoor Automatic Fish Feeders

If you have an aquarium indoors, you obviously want a lightweight and small fish feeder that can mount to your fish tank securely and easily. These types of fish feeders have small LCD displays and are designed to store food for small fish such as Bettas and Goldfish.

If you have an outdoor pond or terrarium, you might want to invest in an Outdoor feeder. These automatic fish feeders are normally much bigger than the indoor variety and are designed to hold large quantities of food as well as food items that are large in size.

  • Rotating Barrel Fish Feeders vs Portion Control Fish Feeders

Rotating Barrel Fish Feeders have food stored in them in large amounts and at every set time interval, a portion of this food is dispensed through an opening. These are ideal for storing fish food of the same type for long periods of time.

Portion control fish feeders have different compartments stored with fish food. At every set time interval, a compartment is emptied into the fish tank in order to feed the fish. These kinds of feeders are perfect if you have different types of food that you want to give to different types of fish in the tank.

  • Battery-powered vs Electricity-powered Fish Feeders

Both of these types of fish feeders have their pros and cons. While it is a pain to keep switching batteries in battery-powered feeders, electricity-powered feeders come with the risk of getting electric shocks especially considering the fact that the equipment is so close to water.

What should I look for while buying an Automatic Fish Feeder?

There are several important factors that you should keep in mind but we’ve rounded up the important ones to make things easier for you. These factors are:

  • Timed Feeding

You should be aware of the feeding routine your fish is adhering to and make sure that the feeder you’re buying is able to accommodate those needs. If your fish requires to be fed 4 times a day and the feeder you bought only provides up to 3 feedings per day, this could be a big problem.

  • Moisture Protection

These feeders are going to be next to water all the time so it’s needless to say that some sort of moisture-resistance is essential. If you get a feeder that isn’t moisture-proof, it’s going to break down very soon compared to a feeder that has moisture protection.

  • Build Quality

You need to find a healthy balance in this regard. By that, what we mean is that you should get a feeder that is durable and is made from high-quality material but at the same time, be wary of the fact that it’s not too heavy so that it can be mounted securely to your fish tank.

What are some problems I could run into while using an Automatic Fish Feeder?

The most common problem that you could run into is forgetting to check when the food has run out. When you get too dependent on automatic fish feeders, this tends to happen.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to not always trust your fish feeder. Food can get clogged in the feeder which may result in food not being dispensed into your fish tank. Make sure to regularly check your automatic fish feeder to make sure it’s working properly and your fish are being fed. 

What can I control with the programming options on my Automatic Fish Feeder? 

Most fish feeders provide you with a wide variety of options. Most feeders let you set how many feedings occur in one day and when they occur. They also let you adjust the amount of food that is dispensed each time. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How often does an automatic fish feeder feed the fish?

Different feeders have different feeding options in terms of how often you can feed your fish. Most commonly found ones can feed fish up to 5 times a day. You can adjust this according to your needs. 

How do I mount the feeder onto the aquarium?

This depends on the feeder you get as different ones have different mechanisms to mount themselves onto the aquarium. Some have adjustable clamps while others come with adhesive Velcro. 

The fish food has jammed in my automatic fish feeder, what should I do?

This is a very common problem and it can be easily fixed by removing the fish feeder from the tank and then emptying all the food out of the fish feeder.

If you find that some food is wet and hard to remove, put the feeder in direct sunlight for an hour or two and then try removing the jammed food. It should be much easier to get out.

Can I use an automatic fish feeder for an outdoor pond?

You can’t use any of the fish feeders we’ve discussed in this article for outdoor ponds as they are all made for indoor aquariums. 

However, there do exist automatic fish feeders that are made for use outdoors. They are normally larger in size and more expensive but they can hold large quantities of fish food at a time and are ideal for ponds.

Does the size of my tank matter in regards to the functioning of an automatic fish feeder?

The width of the walls of your fish tank do matter as an automatic fish feeder with non-adjustable clamp might not be able to be mounted onto your aquarium if the walls are not the right width.

However, most good automatic fish feeders come with adjustable clamps as well as many other different ways to be mounted. So, in most cases, you don’t need to worry about the size of your tank when getting an automatic fish feeder. 

How do I know when the batteries are low on my automatic fish feeder?

Some automatic fish feeders have a low-battery indicator to let you know when the batteries are about to run out.

If you have one that does not have an indicator, it is normally a good idea to just change the batteries when you’re about to head out of your home for an extended period of time.

Are there any disadvantages to using an automatic fish feeder?

The one disadvantage to automatic fish feeders is the interaction that is lost between you and your fish. Feeding your fish daily is something that can help you bond with your little aquatic pets and if this is taken away, they might not even think of you as their care-giver. 

Will all kinds of fish food work with automatic fish feeders?

Most automatic fish feeders are designed to work with all types of fish food available in the market such as flakes, crisps, granules and pellets.

However, if you are handling food that has a high moisture content such as live foods or frozen foods, you might not want to use them with automatic fish feeders as they could get clogged. 

My automatic fish feeder has overfed my fish, what should I do?

In this case, you should disconnect your automatic fish feeder immediately. 

The solution to overfeeding is a day or two of fasting. Let your fish digest the extra food for a day or two and meanwhile, try to figure out and reset the settings that caused your fish feeder to overfeed. 

I want to feed my fish at a different time than the one I programmed, what should I do?

Most automatic fish feeders come with a “manual-discharge” button which is for manual feeding that is separate from the pre-programmed feeding schedule.

If any of your fish missed its food during the regular feeding time, you can use this button to feed them manually.

If your feeder does not have this button, you can just try dropping food into your tank separately. 

Final Verdict

With how busy our lives have gotten, it’s easy to see why so many people are investing in automatic fish feeders.

At the end of the day, we had to give the crown to Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit. Its intuitive design makes it easy to program and the built-in ventilation system keeps the fish food fresh for months on end.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of our post for the best automatic fish feeders.

Let us know what fish feeder you’re making use of to feed your aquatic pets.

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