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10 Gallon fish tanks hit that sweet spot where they’re not that difficult to take care of but also don’t take up too much space but you’ll agree with us when we say it can be intimidating to select the right one. 

That’s why we’ve gone and tested the most popular ones to bring you this extensive list. 

Today, we’ll discuss what you should look for when buying a 10 Gallon fish tank for yourself and which products are most suitable for you.

Top Pick

This product comes with everything you need to get your fish-keeping journey started. It’s built from high-quality materials and it is also extremely easy to set up.

Runner Up

This product features a frameless design which makes for great, unobstructed viewing of your fish. It comes with a hinge-style lid so that you can feed your fish easily.

Also Great

This 10-Gallon fish tank offers a barebones approach. It comes as an empty vessel to which you can add equipment as you desire to create the perfect aquarium.

After months of non-stop testing, we’ve decided that these three are the best ones available out there. 

Now, let’s get into the reviews for the best five 10 gallon fish tanks.

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank - Best 5 Reviews

1. Overall Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank - Marina LED Aquarium Kit Review

Buying a 10 gallon fish tank that comes with all of the external equipment needed to start a successful aquarium can be a blessing. This is exactly what this aquarium kit provides. A lot of aquarium kits like this advertise that they are the complete package but often, the equipment that they provide with the fish tank is of low-quality that breaks down quickly. 

We tested this aquarium for months and are very satisfied with its performance. The filter it comes with is quiet as well as effective. 

Features of Marina LED Aquarium Kit – Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank

  1. Comes with a clip-on filter with quick-change cartridges
  2. Comes with an LED lighting module 
  3. Biological Supplement, Water Conditioner and Fish Food included
  4. Weight: 19.1 pounds
  5. Fish net included for easy cleaning
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Filter is quiet
  • LED lights are bright and effective
  • Affordable
  • LED light is not customizable or programmable

If you’re looking for a complete package made of high-quality materials, this is the product for you. It’s easy to clean and illuminates your fish brilliantly.

2. Best Rimless 10 Gallon Fish Tank - Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit Review

This product features an elegant design that has no rims or borders. It’s all high-quality glass with curved corners which makes for pleasurable viewing of your fish and aquatic plants. 

The glass is durable and offers a high amount of clarity. Despite being made of glass and having sizable equipment alongside it, it is very lightweight and easy to handle. 

You’ll find the plastic lid to be very convenient as it prevents the fish from jumping out and can be easily removed for cleaning and feeding. It is also cat-proof and does a great job at protecting your fish from other nosy pets.

Features of Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

  1. Comes with a cascade internal filter
  2. Comes with an internal LED light
  3. Mat included for stabilization
  4. Dimensions: 12 ⅝ by 11 ¾ by 17 ¾ inches
  5. Seamless corners for unobstructed viewing
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Hinge-style lid for easy feeding
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a cleverly-designed tank that focuses on you getting the perfect view for your fish, this is it. It’s made from reliable materials and is built to last.

3. Best Customizable 10 Gallon Fish Tank - Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Empty Aquarium Review

As is commonplace in all kinds of products, there are ones that are made for beginners and ones for veterans. Aquarium kits are usually catered towards people who are looking to get into fishkeeping as a hobby. These kinds of products are a turn-off for advanced fish-keepers who want more control over the equipment they use. 

This product is perfect for them as it offers a complete empty canvas on which you can add any type of equipment that you fancy. It is built to accommodate aquarium equipment of all shapes and sizes so you can use it to build an aquarium that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

Features of Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Empty Aquarium

  1. Permanent watertight seal
  2. Enclosed with high-strength silicone
  3. Weight: 10 pounds
  4. Dimensions: 20 by 12 by 10 inches
  5. Wrapped in two boxes to prevent cracking
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Crystal clear glass
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Not suitable for beginners

If you’re a fishkeeper that wants complete control or you have creatures that require special conditions or equipment, this product is perfect for you. It offers unparalleled customizability at a cheap price.

4. Best Starter 10 Gallon Fish Tank - All Glass Aquarium AAG09009 Tank and Eco Hood Combo Review

This product is the polar opposite of entry #3 in this list. While that product is targeted towards veterans, this product is targeted towards beginners. It’s specifically designed to be super easy to set up. 

If you have children, this is a great option to get as setting this fish tank up with them will certainly be a great learning experience as well as very fun and stimulating. 

The lid comes with break-away sections which you can use to fit in any heater or filter that you want. It’s a very well put-together aquarium which will last you a long time.

Features of All Glass Aquarium AAG09009 Tank and Eco Hood Combo

  1. Weight: 13 pounds
  2. Low-profile hood
  3. Dimensions: 20.2 by 10.4 by 12.6 inches
  4. Tightly-sealed walls
  5. Black-trimmed, sleek look
  • Very easy to install
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Plastic hood is slightly flimsy

If you’re just getting into fish-keeping as a hobby, this product is ideal for you. It’s built to last and does not require too much effort to maintain.

5. Best Affordable 10 Gallon Fish Tank - Aqua Culture 10-gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Review

The Aqua Culture Aquarium Kit is the only entry on this list that is made from Acrylic material. Despite being an acrylic aquarium which are notorious for being very expensive, this aquarium kit is actually the most affordable one on this list.

Despite having a cheap price, it does not skimp on the materials used. The materials are all of high-quality and the aquarium is extremely easy to handle and set up. You will find it to be very lightweight as acrylic is much lighter than glass. This gives you the liberty to put it on surfaces that might have not been able to support glass aquariums of the same size.

Features of Aqua Culture 10-gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

  1. Weight: 14 pounds
  2. Comes with built-in filter
  3. Comes with built-in LEDs
  4. High-clarity walls
  5. Made from high-quality acrylic material
  • Low energy consumption lights
  • Easy to set up
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Great value for money
  • Filter produces air bubbles and works silently
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Walls tend to wither over time

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want a high-quality 10 gallon fish tank, this is the product you’re looking for. It’s built with a lot of foresight and will last you a long time.

best 10 gallon fish tank


Buyers’ Guide

What are some benefits of having a 10 gallon fish tank?

You might be wondering if investing in a 10 gallon fish tank is even worth it. We are here to tell you that having an aquarium in your home can have a myriad of benefits and it can influence your life positively in ways you would have never thought of. Some benefits of having a 10 gallon fish tank are: 

  • It Reduces Stress

In today’s day and age, stress and anxiety are things that almost every person suffers from in some capacity. Aquarium therapy is something that is quickly gaining traction because of how effective it has proven itself to be. Just the sound of running water can be very calming to a person suffering from stress. Watching your fish swim around and play with each other can also be very therapeutic. 

  • A Learning Opportunity for Children

If you have children, having a 10 gallon fish tank in your home can be a great learning opportunity for them. You can use the fish in your aquarium as a practical example for them to learn about different species and how they care for themselves in an environment. If your fish tank has both live aquarium plants and fish, you can use this to teach your children about how ecosystems work and how the members of an ecosystem benefit from one another. 

Not to mention, giving your children the responsibility of feeding and taking care of the fish in your aquarium will also teach them to respect deadlines and have a sense of responsibility. 

What type of fish can I keep in a 10 gallon fish tank? 

A 10 gallon fish tank does not provide too ample of a space but it is sufficient enough for you to keep species of fish whose adult sizes aren’t too big. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep these freshwater fish in your 10 gallon fish tank with ease: 

  • Danios and Barbs

These are extremely small fish that you can easily keep in a 10 gallon tank. Another good thing about them is that they are hardy and very tolerant which makes them great as starter fish. 

  • Tetras

These fish are extremely popular among fish-keepers due to their bright, vibrant colors. They tend to move together in groups which makes them soothing to look at when they swim together in a tank. 

  • Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimps are a crustacean that make your cleaning job easier as they are scavengers. They collect and eat any uneaten food that floats to the bottom of the fish tank and they also help keep algae levels down.

What are some interesting uses for my 10 gallon fish tank? 

You can use your 10 gallon fish tank in a number of different ways.

If you’re setting up a freshwater fish tank, we recommend getting decorations to spruce it up and make it more attractive. These decorations can range from anything to artificial corals and shipwrecks to more TV or movie-themed ornaments. If you want something more natural, you can try getting live aquarium plants to plant into your 10 gallon fish tank’s gravel. These will help oxygenate your tank through photosynthesis. 

If you’re looking to set up a saltwater tank, your options are less varied. Most people opt to get corals since they work as a natural home to marine fish. Corals do, however, get quite expensive so you can get a majority of artificial corals with a few live corals in order to get the most out of your saltwater fish tank. 

How do I set up my 10 gallon fish tank?

Setting up a 10 gallon fish tank is no different than setting up any other aquarium. The only specific thing you should be thinking about is the surface that the fish tank rests on. Make sure it is level and stable and is able to support the weight of the fish tank once it is filled with water. 

Once you’ve made sure it’s resting on a flat surface, fill its bottom with your gravel and add dechlorinated water. Mount all the external equipment you need such as a filter, heater and air pump and turn them on. Let them run for 6-8 weeks before introducing fish into your 10 gallon fish tank.

How do I maintain my 10 gallon fish tank?

It’s actually more difficult to maintain a smaller fish tank as compared to a larger one as a smaller tank tends to get dirty a lot more quickly. You can maintain your aquarium by performing small 10-15% water changes regularly coupled with vacuuming dirt out of the aquarium gravel using a siphon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t even added fish to my 10 gallon fish tank yet and its water has gotten cloudy. Why is this? 

This is very common and it’s nothing to worry about. If anything, this means you’re setting your fish tank up properly. The cloudiness of the water is due to a bacteria boom inside your aquarium which happens when nitrifying bacteria is starting to grow inside your aquarium. This is a sign that cycling is properly occurring inside your aquarium. This cloudiness will go away on its own within a couple of days so there’s no need to panic.

My 10 gallon fish tank is starting to smell. What is causing this and how can I fix it? 

Odor emanating from your fish tank can often indicate that there’s something rotting inside it. Some reasons for your fish tank smelling are: 

  • A dead fish which could be lying undiscovered underneath the aquarium gravel or a decorative ornament. 
  • Uneaten, excessive food that has not been removed for an extended period of time. 
  • Dead plants or parts of dead plants (leaves, etc.) that have not been immediately removed from the fish tank. 

If your fish tank is starting to smell, we recommend checking for all of the above listed factors in your fish tank. Look through your aquarium gravel and underneath decorations to make sure there’s nothing lying undiscovered. Also check your filter, air pump or any other equipment for waste materials which could be the source of the smell. 

Make sure you are performing 10-15% weekly water changes and any other maintenance practices which are required for your aquarium. 

It can also be beneficial to cut down on any unnecessary chemicals that you may be adding to your 10 gallon fish tank regularly.

How do I control pest snails in my 10 gallon fish tank?

There are a number of ways to control pest snails inside your 10 gallon fish tank. Some of them are given below. 

  • You can use a fish net to fish them out of the aquarium. Once you find some of them, try finding more until you’re sure you’ve fished all of them out. If you crush their shells in the aquarium, many of your fish will swim over to feed on them. 
  • If you really want to exterminate all the snails in your fish tank, introducing snail-eating fish is a great idea. Freshwater puffers, the Bengal Loach, some Cichlids, the Clown Loach are all examples of fish that feed on snails which you can add to your fish tank to get rid of them. 
  • Another way of removing pest snails is by baiting them with food. After you turn off the lights for your aquarium and your fish are resting, take a saucer and place some sinking food onto it. Place this saucer at the bottom of your 10 gallon fish tank. Come back after about 25 minutes and that saucer should be filled with pest snails. Just take that saucer out with the snails on them and voila, you’ve just removed a sizable chunk of snails from your aquarium. 

Why are there bubbles on the water in my 10 gallon fish tank? 

The simple answer to this is because of surface tension. A higher surface tension can lead to more bubbles and there are a number of reasons why your tank water’s surface tension could be higher than normal. 

Sometimes, the natural attributes of your source water will increase the surface tension. Other times, it could be due to insufficient filter maintenance, overfeeding, or insufficient water changes. 

As long as the bubbles are popping regularly and are not staying on the water surface for extended periods of time, this is not something to be too worried about. In fact, bubbles are extremely common in aquariums with filters and air pumps. Not to mention, fish like Bettas make bubble nests to keep their eggs ready. We strongly recommend that you perform regular water changes and sufficient filter maintenance in order to make sure bubbles aren’t covering the surface of the water to the point where it hinders aeration of the tank water. 

I’m planning to move soon. Is it possible to transport my fish in my 10 gallon fish tank?

If your move is less than an hour away and your fish are small in size, we recommend transporting your fish in sealed plastic bags with your tank water inside them. You can further protect these bags by placing them in a sturdy environment such as a firm case or cooler. For longer trips, you can use large buckets with lids. We do not recommend using your 10 gallon fish tank to transport your fish as this is something that they are not made for. They could easily break or crack which would be catastrophic for your fish. 

Final Verdict

It’s easy to see why a 10 gallon fish tank is something that could be very desirable for people coming from all walks of life. It looks great and is not very difficult to maintain. 

We have to crown the Marina LED Aquarium Kit as our winner for today. It’s the complete package that comes with everything you need. It’s easy to set up and you can get it at a very reasonable price. 

This brings us to the conclusion of our post for the best 10 gallon fish tanks. 

Give us feedback and let us know what fish tank you’re using for your fish. 

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