Who We Are?

Our passionate community of aquarists welcomes you to this humble project of ours, Aqua Pet Pro.

We are small but take pride in sharing our passion of fish and aquatic pets with the world.

Here you will find detailed guides and reviews about fish tanks & aquariums, filters, food & feeders, lighting & heaters, substrates & plants and more.

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How We Work?

As a team, our core focus is to share experiences and recommendations through thorough research and most importantly personal experiences.

However, there’s a lot to cover!

So, we do rely on a team of well instructed freelance writers to produce quality content that can help you advance your passion for fish and aquatic pets.

But, we are humans too and we can mistakes. 

So, if you spot something that you think is incorrect or you have had a different experience, please do get in touch.

We would LOVE to hear from you.